M Network’s Packs

All of the N Network products can be purchased individually or you can buy them in a bundle. The M Network has three Packs.

There is the Confidence Pack, which contains a “confidence booklet,” 4 boxes of Slim Stiks, one box of Core AO, two bottles of Burn and a 17oz bpa-free drink bottle.

Then there is the Confidence Reload Pack, which has 2 boxes of Slim stik and one bottle of Burn.

Finally there is the Brilliance Nootropic Reload Pack, which contains 2 boxes of Smart Stiks and 1 box of Soul.

You can buy your chosen Pack by going to and following the step-by-step instructions on the Shop page.

How to Buy M Network Products - Packs

All of M products taste great and are naturally good for you. Buy them in a bundle and save money!